“Prison in February, and I ain’t in no Rush” -Lil Wayne

WayneToday in Manhattan, Lil Wayne was granted a month postponement on his sentencing due to a cracked tooth which requires surgery.  The “Best Rapper Alive,” will be able to return to Miami for the surgery which is scheduled for next week and then must return to the courthouse for the final verdict.  Unsure whether this medical issue would have any influence on his sentencing, the artist filmed ten videos over the weekend to prepare for his expected year sentence.  

Showing up the courthouse in all black with his Young Money entourage behind him, the rapper whose real name is Dwayne Carter had nothing to say about the guilty plea to the 2007 gun charges that landed him here today.  After the decision by the judge to postpone the sentencing, Dwayne Carter and his crew jumped in multiple black SUV’s and were off to Miami.

On Sunday, Lil Wayne had a “going away” party where friends and family cheered for their hometown Saints to Super Bowl victory.  At the end of the night, Wayne streamed live online to say goodbye to all his loyal fans…

“I’m out this b—-,” Wayne said. “To all my fans, my real fans I really, really truly love you. I love you with all of me for real.”

Lil Wayne’s devotion to his fans is like no other, recording two full length CD’s in the last two months including his solo CD released February 2nd “The Rebirth.” March 2nd will determine the future for Dwayne Carter as well as the future of Hip Hop music.


One thought on ““Prison in February, and I ain’t in no Rush” -Lil Wayne

  1. No way! I had no idea that Lil Wayne could potentially live up to his lyrics and “Hop up in my spaceship and leave Earth, — I’m gone —, I’m gone.” That is too depressing, if he “died today” there’s no doubt “the world would end tomorrow” haha I love Lil Wayne and went to his concert here at SDSU last year. I think he might very well be the best rapper alive as he comes up with some of the most original verses I’ve ever seen (not that I have too big of a rap entourage on my iPod but still). I love that he collaborated with Eminem in his latest album, another completely original and inspiring rapper always breaking barriers and building new standards. Thanks for the info! Keep us updated on the verdict!

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