CASSIDY “The Hustla” Back on Top

2009 was a huge comeback year for Cassidy in the mixtape game. Starting the year out with freestyles that blew our minds like “How Real is This”

as well as collaborating with major hip hop royalties like Lil Wayne and The Game;

Cassidy “The Hustla” reminded everyone who he was last year and that he is here to stay. His solo mix tape, “Apply Pressure” under NBA superstar Carmelo Anthony’s record label Crossover released May 23, 2009 has been followed up by “Apply Pressure Pt. 2” which was released on February 4th of last week. The mixtape includes more freestyles and even more mouth-dropping verses. Compiled of 22 new songs, “Apply Pressure Pt. 2” will boost Cassidy’s following to a new level in 2010.

Click here to check out the new Mixtape and see for yourself why Cassidy is one of the hardest rappers in the game.


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