Thug Motivation 103…. WHERE ARE YOU?

How much longer must we wait for Young Jeezy’s most anticipated album yet?  Each time Jeezy releases an album I think to myself, “there is no way he can go any harder than his last album.” and Each time I BUY (YES BUY HIS ALBUM) and throw it in the CD player in my car, I am absolutely shocked that he did it again. I cant even begin to fathom how big Tm 103 will be, and can only hope the that Grammys  will let go of their hate for the “Snowman” and finally recognize greatness.

At the January 2nd 2010 All American High School football game halftime show, Young Jeezy announced that his new album “Thug Motivation 103” would realease on February 9th 2010….. Since that statement  no further comments have been made by Young Jeezy or the CTE/ USDA camps to verify its true release date.

Currently Jeezy is on Jay-Z’s Blue Print 3 tour and will hit California at the end of this month stopping in San Jose on March 24th  and Los Angeles on March 26th. For tickets to the concert of the year go to

 We can only hope that as the tour comes to an end Jeezy will finally announce the release date and end the sepculation that TM 103 is no where near ready for release. In the meantime we have been fortunate that Jeezy has been hitting the studio hard, giving us a little taste of what is to come.

Today, released “Trap or Die  Reloaded,” which lets us add another hit to the list of songs Jeezy as put out in this year alone.

Other recent hits include:

              “4 My Town Remix” -Featuring Drake, Lil Wayne and Birdman

             “Say aaaaah Remix”  -Featuring Trey Songz

             “Fed up” -Featuring Dj Khaled, Usher, Drake, Rick Ross and Lil Wayne

             “Money to Blow Remix” -Featuring Drake Lil Wayne and Birdman

            “Get Money”  -Featuring E-40 and B Legit

I will be at the Staples Center on March 26th to see two of my favorite rappers of all time.  I will pass out signs to females in the crowd that say “TM103 please?” Hopefully it will work.


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