Ya Boy About to BLOW UP!!!

Wayne may be trying to “Rock it Out” in his new album “The Rebirth,” but no one has more “Rockstar” status in the West than  Ya Boy aka YB the Rockstar.  William Joseph Crawford aka Ya Boy, has been in the studio non stop for the last few years looking for his big break in the hip hop industry.  His music first hit the scene when the San Francisco native released “16’s with me,” and ever since then has been putting out nothing but hits.  Many of you may know Ya Boy from his run with The Game’s Black Wall Street or from his hit “We Run L.A.”  You may also have seen him in Hollywood with close friends Spencer and Heidi Pratt. Regardless of  where you know him from, there is no doubt that YB will be on top of the hip hop game very soon. YB recently released “Guns and Roses (The EP),” with Big Rich and can be purchased on Itunes. Ya Boy will release his new highly anticipated mixtape “The Fix 2” on March 1st and hopefully it will attract a major record deal…. Today on Twitter, YB (@YBTHEROCKSTAR) leaked a preview of the CD, and from the sounds of things, we will not be disappointed!


For those of you not so familiar with Ya Boy, I have put together a collection of videos and songs as a way for you to see how he has lyrically grown and mastered his talent over the last few years. 


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