When People Say “Hip Hop Is Dead”…. This Is Why

  You know when you are watching a movie with your parents and a sex scene comes and all of a sudden you feel an extreme sense of awkwardness…. that’s how I  feel when I hear songs by Gucci Mane and OJ Da Juiceman

 As you can tell from following my blog, Hip Hop has a major influence on my life, but unfortunately some rappers in the industry are so horrendous that it embarrasses me that they are classified as Hip Hop artists. 

 When rappers talk about the “Death of Hip Hop” and how they must “Revive Hip Hop,” it is primarily because of these ringtone/ youtube rappers like Gucci Mane and OJ.  Now I pride myself  in my effort to stay away from negativity and not be a hater, so I respect these artists hustle and the fact that they are making money, but when you take a close look at their lyrical content in their songs, there is no way you can take them seriously.  Some of these verses make no sense…. have no rhyme scheme… and lack any intelligent metaphors/ phrases at all.  But don’t just take my word for it, take a look at a verse from Gucci Mane’s latest “hit” “Spotlight” ft Usher and see for yourself how bad it is….

“Bang bang OKA
Where you want to go today
No she is not a prostitute
But if she was I’d have to pay
Say, lay, you can stay
I sex you up couple days
Tell your girl no need to front
She want participate
Gucci on elimidate
4 girls with me
Simply I glaze they ass
Just like some churches biscuits
Beat her like she stole my Bentley
Swagger jackers pay attention
Cali girl, ATL, Detroit, New York girls be with me” -Gucci Mane

 Like I said…. absolutely Horrible.  Half of his verses in his other songs just repeat his name over and over again. “Gucci This” “Gucci That”  Absolutely no talent.  But again, somehow he was able to make the money to afford the hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of jewels around his neck so for that I give him props.

 Another rapper in the Hip Hop game who’s lyrics make me cringe are produced by OJ Da Juiceman.  If you’ve ever heard one of his songs and heard his signature “Aye” noise he makes, than you know exactly what I’m talking about.  Not only will I show you some of these ridiculous lyrics but this is one you have to hear as well.

“I’m Gettin’ Money”

 I’m gettin that money, can’t you see them carrots dog 45 colors in my neck, ring wrist and watch . (Aye) Goddamn I got swagger pull up at the club in a 08 jaguar. Leave in a cutlass sitting on some butnicks. Lightskinned meat ass sitting in some buckets. (Aye)Gotdamn I got paper, I done met some suckers but them haters caught the vapors. Flying in a charger same colora the Lakers . I ain’t Kobe Bryant but I’m playin wit that white girl. (Aye)
Try to cross I fuck yo whole world kick yo front door in den front to that  black girl.Plus I’m gettin that money, I can throw some stacks girl, famous in the hood u can post me in a black girl. (Aye) You ain’t heard bout me 32 E.N.T. and we do it B.I.G.”

 People say this all the time… But If 2Pac and Biggie head this music they would turn over in their grave with embarassment.

 One of the only hip hop figures to publicly call out Gucci and Oj was Young Jeezy in his song “24/23.”  Young Jeezy had previously been in a heated feud with rapper Gucci Mane until it was recently settled on Gansta Grillz radio by Dj Drama.  I believe this was more for publicity and to lower the chance of future violence rather than Jeezy actually being over the situation.

This blog is no way meant to be a “Hater Blog,” all I am doing is letting the world know that when they hear people say “Hip Hop is Dead,” these rappers are the reason why….


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